3 Powder Skiing Tips You Need Now

Skiing on a well groomed trail and doing a bit of off-trail skiing are like totally different worlds. While they both have their merits, powder skiing offers an amazing perspective that you simply canít get with any other experience. If youíve never tried it, though, you may be a bit reluctant to get started. Here are some tips that can help.
  1. If you just plan to ski powder, you may need a different set of skis. Extra wide skis work best in the deep powder because you have more surface area to work with. Itís important to note, though, that if youíll also be skiing well groomed slopes on your trip, those same skis will really slow you down, so balance what you actually want to accomplish.
  2. Pay attention to restricted areas. During the course of your ski holiday, you may find spots that are closed off. This is typically to protect you from the dangers of backcountry skiing. If youíre skiing vast areas like the Alps, you may even want to take a guide with you and follow his lead, as heíll be able to keep you safe when few others can.
  3. Find the right position. The way you hold yourself on your skis when youíre in deep snow and the way you handle yourself on the groomed slopes are wholly different. Deep snow skiing position typically has you holding your hands in front of you and downhill. Youíll want to plant wide with your poles before you turn, and make certain you only move at the wrists. Youíll want to keep your skis a bit closer as well, and donít squat too low.

More than anything else, the key when first skiing powder is to not rush it. It takes some time to get used to the terrain, so give yourself a bit of extra space on a trip like this one.
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