Winter holidays and Christmas holidays - tips for family travel at the best price!

Are you thinking of taking your family skiing for a school-break? Christmas and Easter are popular periods to visit the ski resorts.

We want to share some information on how to book your school-break ski holiday as it tends to get rather expensive. It usually costs a fortune for a family to travel, particularly if you intend to ski.

Book well in advance

This year, too, you are not the only ones planning to get away. The best and cheapest flight tickets and hotel room are being booked months in advance. Start to plan before or during the summer in case you want to get away next winter.

Pick the perfect ski resort

The younger the children, the smaller the ski resort. Small children donít need a big resort (but the parents might) and will feel comfortable enough in a smaller ski resort with few pistes.

Also consider what activities that are offered in case you donít feel like skiing, as most children want to do other things as well. Is there a swimming pool for instance? That will save any boring day.

Select suitable accommodation

What suits your family the best? A hotel, apartment or a chalet? Do you want to eat out in restaurants every day or do you want to be able to cook your own food?

To book a chalet is usually the best option for a family. Plenty of space and the entire family can stay together without splitting into several hotel rooms. You can cook your own meals and usually you will have a comfortable living room to stay in.
Renting a chalet will usually be cheaper as well as you can fit more people and you can sometimes even fit two families. Some have several bathroom and saunas too.

Chalets are more common in some resorts and particularly in northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Hotels and apartments
Hotels are still the most common option throughout the Alps. Children often stay for free when sharing parentís bed but if you have more than two children you generally need two hotel rooms, which can be costly. Some hotels offer apartments to stay in where you can cook your own meals, which is very convenient when you have children.

Youth hostels
Some ski resorts have youth hostels but they are generally not targeted at families. When you head up to Scandinavia you will find youth hostels that offer private rooms, where you can bring the entire family. In southern Europe children are often not allowed as there are big dormitories.

Buy ski equipment second hand

Renting skis is surprisingly expensive. Scan your domestic second-hand market for used skis instead. Particularly for children that grow fast, this really is an attractive option. Moreover, you can re-sell the ski equipment once they are out-grown and buy a new set. You also save time and energy on having to go to the ski rental shop on your vacation.

Ski passes

Children generally need to pay for ski passes, apart from some countries and ski resorts. This is a high cost during the ski holiday that you need to budget.

Eating out

Even small purchases tend to sum up into big amounts. Buying food and drinks in the restaurants, even if only for lunch, will result in a high cost after a week. Pack your backpack with drinks and sandwiches and eat outside in the sun instead. Most children even find it amusing and love to have picnic.