Ski wear - Material guide

There are so many modern clothes and materials to choose from, but it can also confuse. What do the tags on the clothes actually mean?

We have found out some details about ski clothes materials to guide you.


"Guaranteed to keep you dry" is the slogan of Gore-Tex. This material has existed for more than 30 years and is well-known. Garments in Gore-Tex are wind and waterproof and breathable. The Gore-Tex layer makes water stay out but humid air out. Gore-Tex garments are found in thousands of shapes and kinds. Some also provide waterproof stitching on zippers and pockets and generally keep you dry.

Even if it will be expensive at purchase you will normally keep the garment for many years. If the fabric gets damaged you can turn it in for stitching and they will repair the damaged Gore-Tex membrane.

Note that Gore-Tex is a brand! There are other similiar materials that are just as good, or even better.


Windstopper is a protective layer that is added in-between two other layers. It will stop wind from coming through and will keep you warm even in times of very poor weather. You will find this in all kinds of garments, ranging from jackets and pants to hats and face protection.


One word is enough – cotton really isn’t the best material for physical activities. In case it gets wet it doesn’t dry on your body and it gets heavy and uncomfortable. Avoid.


Wool is a natural material that has gained popularity over the last decade. Long gone are stiching sweaters that grandma made. Now loads of garments are made in soft wollen. This results in practical clothing which has the major advantage of keeping you warm even if it gets wet. Wonderful!


Down is only practical for skiing if you are going on a high-altitude expedition and you expect very cold weather. Pack a down garment to keep you warm when you stand still. The main advantage of down is that you have warm clothes that easily fit into your bag. The main disadvantage is that it is hopeless to get them dry in case they get wet.


Precip was taken to the market by Marmot and is an excellent material for any kind of physical activity where you could expect to get wet. It is water and windproof.
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