Ski equipment

It is really not cheap to buy ski or snowboard equipment. Basically, it could cost anything so you need to know where to look.

Buying on the Internet

You can find any kind of equipment online apart from if you need guidance on selection of skis.

Buying used equipment?

It is common to buy used equipment to children as they grow quickly and will need to change around every second year. Sometimes you also get equipment passed on from friends and family.

If you want to buy used equipment, try one of the many web sites for second-hand goods.

Buying new equipment?

Depending on your needs and requirements you can usually find skis and snowboards for sale in major sporting goods chains. Sometimes they have offers that include skis, boots and poles at reasonable package prices.

If you are an advanced skier you might want to pay a visit to a specialist ski store to get individual help. Some ski resorts also offer very good guidance on skis and have excellent assortment. Sometimes you can test the skis on site in the ski slopes and really find a match.

Make a real bargain if you buy at the end of the season when skis are sold at major discounts!

Renting ski equipment?

Most ski resorts rent equipment of all kind, ranging from skis to helmets. Very convenient as you donít need to buy, handle or carry around your own. Some people just buy ski boots, which are more individual, and rent skis.

Last but not least

Do wear a helmet! It will protect you in case of a fall and you also keep your ears warm!
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