How to pack for your skiing holiday

It usually feels a little tough packing up before a skiing trip, since there are so many things you need and want to bring. The space is usually quite limited, either as to volume or to weight. The trickest thing is usually when you go by air and can only bring a certain amount of luggage. But there are a few things we advise you to consider.

Book your skiing equipment when you book your air ticket

Remember to book skiis or snowboard at the same time as you buy your air ticket. A ski bag usually has no maximum weight so in that case you can shove in both skiis/snowboard and skiing boots. Sometimes you may even be able to squeeze in two pairs of skiis or two snowboards (if you unscrew the bindings on the bottom of one board they actually both fit).

Suggestions for a packing list

Keep in mind that some things will get wet and you will need spares.
  • skiis and/or snowboard
  • ski and/or snowboard boots
  • ski jacket
  • ski pants
  • several pairs of skiing gloves (liners as well as waterproof outer mitts, GoreTex is great)
  • cap/hat (bring two)
  • several pairs of socks (thin and thicker ones)
  • thermals
  • ski mask/balaclava as protection against difficult weather
  • ski helmet
  • goggles
  • sun glasses
  • sun block and lip balm

If you are planning to go off piste we suggest you also pack:

  • backpack /rucksack
  • snow shovel, lightweight
  • avalanche probe
  • transceiver (and spare batteries)
  • compass
  • back protection
  • Camelback (great for uphill runs)
  • gaiters
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