The cheapest skiing trip to the Alps?

Are you searching for a skiing trip to the Alps? There are plenty of offers around. There are lots of package deals to choose among, each one cooler than the others. Everything is included, air tickets or coach costs, lift cards, great hotels, six-course meals, guides. It sounds great, doesn't it?
It sounds great until you see the price tag. Create you own skiing trip by air and a place to stay that will suit you simply by following our simple tips:

Where do you prefer to go? Your dream destination?

Pick some of your favourite places and check with us at what airports are closest and what low-cost carriers there are between your home and your chosen destination. Finding a good hotel or another good place to stay is usually easier than finding a cheap flight. We can help you with that too!

When do you want to go?

Be flexible about dates for your skiing holiday. Consider a few alternative departure dates. School holidays such as Christmas and Easter are not recommended if you want to get good value for your money and avoid queueing. Also be flexible about what time of the day you wish to travel. Low-cost carriers normally only depart once a day, unless you are flying to and from major hubs such as London or New York. If you have fixed times you will probably have to go by regular airlines, which are usually considerably more expensive. If you are travelling with children, however, you could get an excellent deal up to 11 years.
Generally speaking it is often cheaper to travel over weekends or in the middle of the week, somewhat depending on what destinations you are having in mind. Destinations like Geneva e.g. attract business travellers who want travel in the morning and in the evening. Your best alternative in that case would be to travel on Saturday or Sunday. Always remember that in some cases it can be cheaper to buy two single trips, maybe going out by low-cost air and returning by regular air. You will maybe spend an hour looking for the right flight - but you won't have to pay the travelling agency a few extra thousand to do the job for you!

Make your reservation in time and be on the look-out for campaigns!

Last-minute options and skiing trips often become just as great as last-minute trips in the summer time. However, when there are many seats left on an organized skiing trip it might be a slight warning that there is not enough snow at that destination. Or that nobody wants to go there for various reasons - and then neither will you. Often the name of the hotel is not mentioned, maybe a thrill for some travellers but most people prefer to know where they are going to stay. You risk ending up several kilometers from the slope at a “picturesque hotel” according to the travelling agency. Probably a bad alternative if you had planned to stay at a place close to slopes, restaurants and after ski! It is better to plan things by making arrangements for your trip early on. Be smart, plan ahead and get it cheaper and better.
Why not be the person who introduces the idea of going skiing among your friends and find out about people's needs early in the autumn? As early as the end of summer there are plenty of campaigns offering winter trips, sometimes even earlier. Sign up for newsletters from low-cost carriers, so that you do not miss out on smart offers.

Where you stay is more important than gold taps in the shower

Start by finding a suitable flight, maybe before you have made your final choice as to where to stay, then start looking for hotel rooms and apartment hotels. Are there plenty of alternatives at reasonable prices? Then make the final reservation for air tickets and go on to make book a place to stay.
Choose a hotel or an apartment which is centrally placed, which is usually worth paying a little extra for. The standard of the hotel is of course a personal matter, but do remember that you won't be spending much time there. It is always practical to choose a hotel where breakfast is included so that you can make an early start in the morning.
It is always wise to make a booking that can be cancelled free of charge. Many hotel reservations can be cancelled up to 24 hours before arrival free of charge. If you make your reservation several months before departure a lot of things may happen.
Good luck with planning you trip!
Let us know your own useful tips here. Please share them with others.
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