Cheapest Ski Holiday To The Alps

Thereís no place in the world to ski quite like the Alps. Filled with amazing resorts in some of the most beautiful countries on the planet, if you havenít already skied this range in your holidays, itís certainly time you did. The best part? There are some amazing lodging choices located throughout this perfectly picturesque set of mountains.

Looking for a trip on the cheap? Youíve come to the right place. The best resorts in the Alps are available to everyone, even those who find themselves a bit low on cash for those next skiing holidays. The key to a cheap holiday is our unique booking service.

Weíve worked hard to compile the best possible holidays package deals throughout the skiing industry in the Alps. For you, that spells good (cheap) things. Instead of having to stick to hostels or student lodging on your ski holidays, you could be choosing from the biggest names in the industry, giving you access to luxury like youíve never seen before at a price you simply canít imagine.

Itís time to start planning your holidays to this area. Letting us help means far better results for your wallet, and that may spell great things for your skiing holidays budget. Who knows? You could have enough left to buy a great souvenir thatís certain to make your colleagues jealous when you return. To get started, just select a holidays resort!

How to find flights, accommodation and ski packages to the Alps

Decide where you might travel

Select a couple of destinations that you find interesting and check what airports that are closest and what airlines that operate the route to and from your home airport.

Decide when to travel

Try to have some flexibility in travel dates.
  • Select some possible travel dates and cut out any vacation periods such as school and bank holidays. Christmas, New Year and Easter tend to be the most costly periods. Not only will it cost you more but you will also go crazy as the ski area will be crowded.
  • Be flexible regarding travel times. Low cost flights tend to run at awkward times.
  • It will usually, but not always be cheaper to travel mid-week than over the weekend. This also depends on what airport you search to as some airports, such as Geneva, is also heavily operated by business travellers.
  • Search and compare flight tickets online to find the best fare.

Book well in advance and check for campagins

There are last-minute ski deals available so keep your eyes open. Subscribe to newsletters from online travel agencies and ski operators and make sure you are ready to catch the best fares.

Be the one that proposes to go on a ski holiday among your friends and family Ė but propose it early. Already by the end of August the cheapest air tickets for the coming winter are released and bookable.

Pay attention to the location of the hotel

Search and book your hotel or apartment well in advance. Some periods can be hopelessly expensive.

The hotel standard is of course a personal matter, but do consider that it is not like a sun and beach vacation. You will not really spend much time in your hotel so the standard may be less important. Do however pay attention to the distance to the ski slopes.

If you stay for a few days, a self-cater apartment could be convenient as you can cook your own meals, in particular if you travel with children.
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