Conference trip to the Alps

Could there really be any better place to have your conference than in the Alps? Next time your company is going somewhere, consider visiting one of the top modern conference facilities in France, Austria, Switzerland or Italy. Mix business with pleasure!

Your employees will have a wonderful experience where you can mix work with spending time outdoors in the fresh air. It is just so much easier to focus after you have spent some time outdoors in the sunny alpine weather. Get to know your colleagues better at the after-ski.

Book your corporate conference

Travelling to the Alps does not have to be too costly. If you request for a proposal from one of the main ski operators they will be happy to assist you with a suggestion.

You could also book your trip yourselves and save some money, but do prepare to spend quite a lot of time on arranging your travel, from flight tickets to transfers and dinners. Sometimes airlines are ready to help with arranging big groups of travellers and reserving seats. Contact some hotels on your destination and request a proposal for the rooms and spaces you need, as well as any meals.

Some hotels can also help with arranging activities during your stay.

Some popular destinations

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