Book a rental car

You can easily book your rental car directly on the Internet and make sure you get a good deal. You can usually find the lowest car rentals when booking well in advance.

Having a rental car during your ski holiday is just so convenient. There are many advantages:
  • You can load all luggage directly into the trunk at the airport and don’t have to carry it around.
  • No need to wait for airport transfers to ski resorts, which often run seldom and cost a fortune
  • You can visit several ski resorts during your ski holiday in case you would like to experience more.
  • If snow conditions are poor in your ski resort you can pack your bags and go elsewhere.
  • You can go on day excursions if you want to relax from skiing for a day.

It also comes with a feeling of freedom and you usually save money on it if you are two people or more. Airport transfers are usually very costly.
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