Top 11 best ski resorts in North America

1. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is not a special place due to the gondola, taking you up to 1,220 meters in speeds of around 110 km per hour. Neither is it because of the impressive average snowfall of more than 11 meters per year. What does turn it into the most special place is the terrain: long, windling corridors, wide open spaces and fantastic skiing among the trees. What skiing is all about!

2. Aspen

Aspen has for many years served as the best place to go skiing in North America and usually comes out at the top when ski resorts are listed. And Aspen will not disappoint you. With four mountain ranges to choose from, ski slopes with a vertical drop of 1,000 meters and a vivid town that will cater to all your needs, Aspen remains as a top destination for skiers from all over the world.

3. Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley is often said to offer the best snow conditions in the world. The number of sunshine hours, the gradient of the ski slopes and the granite rock all contribute to the excellent snow conditions. In addition, there are 47 ski lifts and more than 32 square kilometers of ski pistes. It does deserve its position as the third best ski resort in North America.

4. Snowbird

Every fifth day, you can expect the snow to fall over Snowbird and cover the terrain in 15 centimeters of fresh snow. In other words, you can catch a flight from Chicago in the morning, land in Salt Lake City three hours later and stand on your skis just after lunch time. Snowbird is very easy to reach.

5. Alyeska Resort

If Snowbird is easy to reach, Aleyska is the direct opponent. The villages are not served by roads, which results in total peace and harmony that you really can only find in Alaska. The snow cover is usually around a meter and a half and it is not a coincidence that many ski films have been recorded in Aleyska Resort.

6. Revelstoke

Revelstoke is located in the southeast of British Columbia. This ski resort offers some of the wildest and longest ski slopes. Combine this with the atmosphere that only a small town can offer and you can start to look forward to relax, at least until you are on the top of Mount MacKenzie.

7. Breckenridge

Breckenridge has recently been expanded and a fifth mountain peak has been added to the already good offer of ski slopes available to choose from. This ski resorts has something to offer for all kinds of visitors, all from Peak 8 for the beginner to Peak 10 where the more extreme skiers go. Long slopes, a just about right number of visitors and helpful staff turns Breckenridge into a good destination also for families.

8. Vail

Some say that Vail in Colorado will inherit the position as the best resort from Aspen. We will not speculate in whether the saying is true or not, but we do know that it is a large and popular ski resort. If you come here for the weekend, do expect that half of the population of Denver does as well.

9. Mammoth Mountain

Even if the natural snow cover at Mammoth Mountain can be poor, mother nature has been clever. Two thirds of this ski resorts faces the north, so when you can expect slush puppy in other ski resorts, Mammoth Mountain usually has dry and fluffy snow.

10. Kicking Horse

If Vail is over populated, expect Kicking Horse to be under populated. If you are in favor of exploring the unknown, Kicking Horse is the place to go. Go to Calgary and continue 300 kilometers to the west and you will enjoy solitude.

11. Whistler

Oddly, many people associate Whistler with the gondola. If you suffer from vertigo, do stay away from it … You stand on a glass floor five hundred meters above ground during the journey of 4,3 kilometers from Whistler to Backcomb Mountains. Skiing? Yes, there are numerous slopes, from easy to difficult.
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