Banff, Alberta, Canada

Ever tried skiing in Canada? If not, you really have something to look forward to. Maybe you have visited other ski resorts, such as in the Alpes, and think you have seen it all? Well, you really havenít!

One of the best places to ski in Canada is Banff, Alberta. This is a real top class ski resort with everything you could ever wish for. Banff ski resort is located next to the oldest national park in Canada,Banff National Park, and the surroundings are magnificent.

You have access to more than 270 ski slopes and Banff has one of the longest skiing seasons in North America. Often you can ski until the end of May. The winter season opens up in mid-November.

Banff is also famous for the film festival Banff Mountain Festival that offers a wide assortment of films for climbers and skiers. It usually broadcasts around different cities during the autumn.

Skiing in Banff

Skiers and snowboarders of all levels and abilities will love Banff. There are slopes of all kinds, ranging from easy beginner slopes with moderate gradient to some of the hardest rides inte world. There are endless opportunities for off-piste skiing in beautiful powder snow. The snow here is very dry and very fluffy and you have probably never experienced anything like it before. To top it off, the scenery is completely wonderful.

Activities in BanffIn case you would like to rest for a day or just have some fun after a full day on the ski slopes, there are a lot of opportunities for both relaxing and physical activities. In case you bring your partner on your ski trip, you really canít miss out on the romantic sleigh ride. Taking a snow shoe walk either on your own or on a guided tour is also a wonderful experience. Feel lazy and tired? Climb on a snowmobile and explore the surrounding area. Of course other winter sports are available as well.

In the evening, stroll the cozy streets around town, visit the museum and the art galleries, do some shopping and finish off with a dinner in one of the many restaurants. In case you feel like a night out Ė you wonít be alone.

Ski trip to Banff

Interested in finding out how to book a cheap ski holiday to Banff? First of all you need to book a flight to Banff. It really doesnít have to cost a fortune, as long as you either book quite some time in advance or manage to find a discounted air ticket.

Search for flights to Calgary International Airport, which is served by all major airlines or in partnerships with other airlines. It will take you around two hours from the airport to arrive at Banff.

There is a great variety of hotels to choose from, ranging from mountain lodges with fireplaces to modern design hotels. There are also chalets, private rentals, bed and breakfast and hotels to suit all travel budgets.

Hotel & accommodation in Banff

Here you will find in total 54 hotel, apartments and chalets/houses in Banff.
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Price/night from: 195 EUR
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